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Timersmanagers.c timers are not incrementing.

Question asked by David Harmon on Jan 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Sebastian Delrio



I am having an issue with interval timers using the timersmanager on the KW41z on a custom board. I started with the bluetooth uart freertos project. In short the timers never go off and call the callback functions. I stepped through numerous places in the program and all the allocate timer functions and things like that return true or successful. I set a breakpoint where it starts the timer and then set a 10ms delay ( the interval timer is 50ms). I then called the function to return the remaining time and no matter the delay it returns 50ms so it appears like it is not being incremented at all and thus never getting called.


I am looking for some help into resolving this or pointers on where to look in the code for possible missing initialization issues etc. I checked the PDF for the connectivity library could not find anything relevant to my knowledge.


I have a 32MHz crystal that is copied exactly from the dev board and I am using an RTC chip to provide an external 32khz clock to the external input pin. I verified the operation of the 32khz signal with a scope. I made sure to have the clocks configuration tool set to choose an external clock for the 32khz and updated the code so I believe that should be working?


I can provide anything that may be useful to help.


Thanks in advance,