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iMX8QM Xen Passthrough, couldn't find devices

Question asked by Sandesh Kenjana Ashok on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Shabna M

Hello All,


I am working on imx8qm target and trying to get device passthrough working in xen.

Xen version : 4.11.1-pre (4.14.98_2_0_0). iMX Xen Source.


The adding xen,passthrough=<1> in dom0 device tree, i could see the device getting disabled in dom0.

However, while starting domU, it is always seen that, the device cannot find a passthrough and it gives the following message.

first_guest.conf:8: warning: parameter `dtdev' is a single value but should be a list
libxl: info: libxl_create.c:109:libxl__domain_build_info_setdefault: qemu-xen is unavailable, using qemu-xen-traditional instead: No such file or directory
(XEN) ****************************************************
(XEN) NOT FOUND A entry to power off passthrough resources
(XEN) The dts node name needs to be same as name = "xxx"
(XEN) in vm configuration file
(XEN) ****************************************************
(XEN) grant_table.c:1773:d0v0 Expanding d3 grant table from 0 to 1 frames
(XEN) memory_map:add: dom3 gfn=10000 mfn=5a020 nr=1


In the imx-xen source, i see this is from xen/arch/arm/platforms/imx8qm.c. However, i couldn't find the actual root cause.


Did anyone face the same issue and found a solution ? 


Best Regards