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NXP SBC-S32V234 Webserver interface with flutter App

Question asked by Shraddha Jogani on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by bpe

Hello Everyone,

I am developing client application using flutter frame work to communicate with NXP webserver. In mobile app i am using websocket protocol to establish communication with NXP webserver . As I have client code in flutter is able to connect other server but it gives an error only when i am trying to connect NXP webserver . In client code the package i am using is web_socket_channel and it supports websocket secure connection(wss). So i want to know if there is updated NXP Webserever code is available with the websocket secure connection or anyone have updated server code wchi supports wss.

Error while try to connect NXP Webserver:
WebsocketException: Connection to '' was not upgraded to websocket.

Does anybody facing same issue?  It would be great help if i will find solution from you.

I have tried all the possible solution which is available online(websocket not upgraded error · Issue #11444 · flutter/flutter · GitHub )

Here is my Error Log and client code: flutter - Unhandled Exception: WebSocketException: Connection to '' was not upgrad…