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Trouble with debugger when using RAMFUNC

Question asked by Daniel Haslimann on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Felipe García


We just started to use RAMFUNC to improve code performance that is too slow with xip in QSPI flash.

Now we have a problem with the debugger. When we set a breakpoint in a RAMFUNC function, and then try to single-step, a long delay happens where nothing happens, and then an error is displayed by the debugger:


          Failed to execute MI command:
          -data-disassemble -s 50 -e 226 -- 3
          Error message from debugger back end:
          Cannot access memory at address 0x20000


The problem disappears when compiler optimization is off.


When the Disassembly window is closed, the problem does not happen.

The test is done with the NXP RT1060 devboard.


Please find attached the zipped project.

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