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SD Card boot for P4080DS

Question asked by appalanaidu g on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by ufedor



We are trying to prepare a bootable SD Card for P4080DS system. Since the NOR flash in the development system got erased, we are trying to copy the u-boot files from the linux pc(running on VMware) to the SDCard.

The SDCard was partitioned into two - one bootable partition of 512MB (FAT16) and other partition with remaining space on the card.



The following two commands were followed to copy u-boot binary image and  FMan microcode (both obtained from SDK ISO file) to the SDcard.


After execution of these commands, no files are visible on the SDcard.


The SW1 settings on P4080DS were modified to boot from SDCard (set to 00110011).

No output is observed on U-boot console.

Even if the files are manually copied into the card, no output is observed on the U-boot console.


Any help is requested.