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i.MX Windows10 IoT custom build FFU missing MergedFMs file

Question asked by Errol Leighton on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by Frantisek Prochaska

I am attempting to build a custom FFU for Win IoT on the i.MX7 Sabre board by following the procedure outlined in Chapter 10 of the i.MX Windows10 IoT User’s Guide. I believe I have setup all the prerequisites correctly (WindowsKits ADK/SDK/WDK, and the IoTCoreOSPackages). The installed NXP SDK is from the Windows10_IoTCore_Packages_ARM32_en-us_17763_253.iso which appears to be the latest release (January 2020). I modified the BuildFFU.bat file to enable the i.MX7 processor by uncommenting lines 38-40:

      cd /d %BATCH_HOME%
      echo "Building Sabre_iMX7D_1GB FFU"
      call BuildImage Sabre_iMX7D_1GB Sabre_iMX7D_1GB_TestOEMInput.xml


The build seems to go okay until it tries to access the file Sabre_iMX7D_1GB_DeviceFM.xml from inside the folder mx-iotcore\build\board\Sabre_iMX7D_1GB\MergedFMs\ as directed by Sabre_iMX7D_1GB_TestOEMInput.xml. The MergedFMs folder exists but is empty. There is a file named Sabre_iMX7D_1GB_DeviceFM.xml located in imx-iotcore\build\board\Sabre_iMX7D_1GB\InputFMs\. When I copied this file to the MergedFMs folder and tried to build the errors suggested the content was not correct even though the file name matched. So I don't think that was the correct thing to do. 


So my question is: where is the missing Sabre_iMX7D_1GB_DeviceFM.xml file that is supposed to be inside the MergedFMs folder? Or am I just missing something else?