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i.MX8MM camera orientation

Question asked by danielenderle on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by danielenderle

Hello NXP Community,


We are currently trying to implement camera OV5645 on i.MX8MM running Android 9.0.0 2.3.0.

The current state is, that we are able to see a preview and take pictures with the default camera application which is coming with mentioned NXP BSP.


The problem is, preview and snapshot are rotated counterclockwise about 90° degrees.


I'v already tried to modify properties in init.rc without any results.

- setprop back_camera_orient 0
- setprop front_camera_orient 0

Preview and Snapshot still keeps rotated without any changes.


Do you have any suggestions where to modify rotation/orientation of the mounted camera device, to get preview and snapshot into the right direction?