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microSD Card not working in custom imx7d board

Question asked by Vikrant A P on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by igorpadykov


I am using micro SD Card in my custom imx7d board in accordance with the reference of the imx7d Sabre board. The issue I am facing is I am getting the initial pulse of SD card detection on SD1_CLK pin, whereas our CD pin of SD card is tied to Ground. I am using uSDHC0 (default one/same as sabre) for the SD card. I also have checked the microSD card with Sabre board as well as my other custom imx7d board and it is working absolutely fine. I have also checked all power rails as well as clock frequencies, they are all working fine.

when I checked SD1_CLK on the MSO I got the following pulse and I have attached screenshots here, I am getting weird pulse in terms of increasing voltage amplitude. Kindly assist me in what is going wrong. I have also attached the micro SD card Schematic. I have also checked with all the BOOT mode pins.

Also, I am unable to get into USB serial downloader mode, will create another thread for the same.

Thanks in advance!