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MIMXRT1010 Boot

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by John Adriaan

I have recently bought the MIMXRT1010-EVK and have been playing around with it. I managed to get the SDK Samples loaded and debugger working. However, I now have the board in a state where it will no longer jump to the application; the program counter is stuck in the ROM boot loader section (e.g. 0x20b0cc). I have the Boot switches set to 10, i.e. internal Flex SPI boot mode. 


I am new to the crossover processor architecture and I am unsure how to get the board back into a state where I can continue development. 


I am developing on a Mac, with MCUXpresso, which complicates matters as a lot of the flashing tools are only available as executables


Any help would be greatly appreciated.