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Machine learning on imx6ull

Question asked by prabhunath Gupta on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by andreamarson

Hi NXP team,


I want to run TensorFlow trained model on imx6ull based custom board for the anomaly detection. I have gone through the NXP website and found there is one "eIQ machine learning software" provided by the NXP, but this software is released for i.mx8 series, Could please suggest me the way to use the same software in imx6x series.


My system configuration as below

Yocto version: 2.2 Morty

Processor: i.MX6ull

RAM: 256 MB


Is there any other meta-layer available for Yocto Morty with i.mx6ull?

Is GPU is mandatory to run TensorFlow trained model on edge device?

Can I use i.mx6ull custom board for AI/ML related development or use another platform?