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MCUXpresso IDE v11.1. 0 (2019-12-12)




In the MCUXpresso IDE -> Config Tool-> Routed Pins -> GPIO interrupt, there are the following variants:
- Disabled
- Low Level
- High Level
- Rising Edge
- Falling Edge
- Falling or Rising Edge
- Reset (Disabled)
- No init


By setting one of the variants, for example "Rising Edge", the interrupt is implicitly enabled.


The way in which an interrupt is activated and the activation / deactivation of an interrupt are two distinct things and thus they must be treated separately in this configuration interface.


At program initialization, immediately after reset, the pins are fully configured but it is very possible to enable the interrupt to be made later in the program.


Thus the "GPIO interrupt" option needs to be replaced with two other options:
- "Interrupt Config": Low / Hi Level / Rising / Falling Edge.....
- "Interrupt Mask": Enable / Disable


This will give you natural flexibility in this case.


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