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SDK_2.2.0_TWR-K60D100M generated code does not compile

Question asked by Terry Biberdorf on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by Terry Biberdorf

I've updated my MCUXpresso toolchain to release 11.0.0

I generated a new TWR_K60D100M SDK package from the NXP MCUXpresso SDK builder ( )

I import this new SDK into MCUXpresso IDE and generated a new workspace.


I then generated a new SDK project named UartExample.  The example project used all default settings plus the freertos OS.


All the code compiles and run fine.


I then added the new peripheral UART3 using the MCUXpresso Config Tools and allowed the tools to update my code.


The newly generated code does not compile.  It appears to require a changed structure definition for uart_config_t from the fsl_uart class.


My sample code can be found at the following repository: GitHub - tsbiberdorf/twrK60D_UartExample: K60D SDK example code does not compile 


This is all generated code from MCUExpresso tools, what steps did I not follow correctly when adding new peripherals?