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Slight error in SDK i.MX RT 1015 clock config code

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jan 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by jeremyzhou

Hi All


This is the example code in SDK for i.MX RT 1015 clock configuration and the DCDC voltage regulator setting for 500MHz operation:

    /* Setting the VDD_SOC to 1.5V. It is necessary to config AHB to 500Mhz. */
    DCDC->REG3 = (DCDC->REG3 & (~DCDC_REG3_TRG_MASK)) | DCDC_REG3_TRG(0x12);


The value DCDC_REG3_TRG(0x12) is for 1.25V and not for 1.5V


I believe the comment is incorrect since the specification gives 1.15..1.3 for overdrive conditions in Run mode.