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What would be behaviour of BGA6130 for RF receiving state ?

Question asked by darshan panchal on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by LPP

Hello ,

We are using BGA6130 in our Lora trans-receive application for getting more gain at transmit side.
We are using AI thinker RA01 module and it has common RF pin for In and out , so after that i have placed BGA6130 stage to amplify my 433 MHz signal .
I am getting good gain at transmitting signal but at receiving mode we have got 90 percentage signal then without PA .
So i want to know that after disable my PA by driving Enable pin low of BGA6130 what would be path generated for receiving signal to reach at my RA01 module RF pin from antenna through BGA6130 ?
I didn't find any details regarding that in datasheet. PA section of my board
Here i have attaching schematic pic for reference .