Hamdi Twahri

Mutexes in A71CH not working!

Discussion created by Hamdi Twahri on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by Estephania Martinez

Hello everyone,


I am trying to use OpenSSL engine for the secure element  A71CH in a RaspberryPi 3, but I am getting this error: 

SM_Connect failed with status 0x7012 (Could not open communication channel)
e2a71ch-err: Call to EmbSe_A70Init() failed with return code 0x7012

I think it's a problem related to mutex because the OpenSSL engine is already in use by another service.
I had a look at the source code and it seems that the function "CryptoIpc_MutexInit()" does not work for some reason.


Does anyone know how can I fix this?