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LPC54618 Main Clock issue

Question asked by Marco Di Biaggio on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Diego Charles

Good mornig,

I use LPC54618J512 with MCUXpresso IDE V11.1 & Configuration Tool. Using the CAN peripheral, I noted a difference between the bps nedeed (and calculated) and the bps output from peripheral. Using the CLKOUT pin to see the main clock, I see a difference between the PLL_CLK source and the MAIN_CLK source. The PLL_CLK and MAIN_CLK are configure like in the attached picture.

Well, while selecting PLL_CLK as CLKOUT souce, the frequency is correct (after divisor = 1MHz), selecting MAIN_CLK source, frequency output is about 850KHz. For this reason I must modify the CAN bps generator registers to output che correct bps (250kpbs).

What's wrong?


Many thanks in advance for every response.

Best regards, Marco DB