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Adding SJA1000 to CS3 of IFC in T2080qds

Question asked by Anshul khare on Jan 16, 2020
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I have a custom board, which is using t2080qds power pc processor. chip select 0 to 2 are used for various memory and FPGA. The address for those were given in system memory of SDK document. Now I have additional SJA1000 CAN controller connected to chip select 3 (CS3). How to add the address range for the same in device tree.


Also will it not add any conflict to add parallel CAN controller to FPGA on IFC


I am not sure what to add for reg = < 3 ? ?>


Thank you!!


P.S: Do I have to update u-boot too? As I am planning only to use CAN controller only after linux comes up in application. I am using YOCTO!