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What is the process for Exporting a .mex project file and Importing it into a new project?

Question asked by Myke Predko on Jan 16, 2020
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I would like to take a previously created .mex file and import it into a new project so that it can be updated in the new project.  


I can see questions about the process, but I can't find any description of the process.  When I right click on the .mex file and select "Export..." I have a number of options (especially when I look at the "pins tool" but there is also "Peripheral Tools" and "Processor Data") but none will export the .mex file.  


Now, there is an option under the project for Importing a .mex file - is it as simple as importing a .mex file from another project?  Will this version be copied in so that any changes made to it won't affect the source project's .mex file?


I'm somewhat nervous about experimenting with this because when I select a number of the options, I get a message saying that "DCDx tool does not support selected processor".  The selected processor is the MK20DN512VLL10 which seems odd but I guess if it isn't used for a TWR or FRDM board it doesn't have the same level of support.