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How to operate MPC5744P faster

Question asked by Yoshitaka Abe on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by Yoshitaka Abe
I have a problem that I can not operate the MPC5744 faster.
My example situation is followings,
1) Target-Board : DEVKIT MPC5744P (Rev B)
2) Project :  SPI_DMA_MPC5744P in the S32DS Example Projects.
              Note: I modified it that the cache is enable in the startup.S.
                        And I added the LED4=1/0 code for measuring the execution time in init_edma_tcd_15() function in edma.c.  
3) The situation :
        I can only operate MPC5744P at about 10.7M instruction/sec because the 101 instruction take 9.465us under SYS-Clock=160MHz in shown the below figure.
        I can not operate it per clock.
I may have some mis-understands for the operation-speed of MPC5744P.
Please teach me how to operate MPC5744 faster using S32DS Power-architecture.
My example situation