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Codewarrior MCU and latest Eclipse release

Discussion created by Lorenzo Micheletto on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by Lorenzo Micheletto

Is it possible to  "upgrade" Codewarrior MCU to the latest Eclipse version or to configure CW MCU external tools and toolchains to work with MCUXpresso ?


I've noticed that Codewarrior MCU is still using old Eclipse 4.2 (2012) while for example MCUXpresso is using Eclipse 4.12 (2019).


The newer Eclipse releases have lots of bug fixes, new features, updated plugins, etc. and IIRC it just take an update of the CDT interface/configuration to use CW MCU external tools and toolchains with newer Ecplise releases.


Are there some technical issue or is it just a matter of outsourced closed-source plugins/tools not updated to support latest Eclipse releases ?