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pcie8997 wifi module Firmware Init Failed  in imx8mmevk

Question asked by JS Wang on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by igorpadykov

I had a problem about pcie8997 driver loading issue(Firmware Init Failed).
I had downloaded pcie8997 driver code form NXP web site
and we build pcie8997 driver by yocto cross compiler.
we put associated files to target imx8mmevk target borad.
Firmware Init Failed issue happend !

pcie8997 driver version :

GPL and MGPL have the same result.


The load driver procedure as following
cp pcie8997_wlan_v4.bin /lib/firmware/mrvl/pcie8997_wlan_v4.bin
insmod mlan.ko
insmod pcie8xxx.ko drv_mode=1 fw_name=mrvl/pcie8997_wlan_v4.bin cfg80211_wext=0xf ps_mode=2 auto_ds=2
[ 7357.409516] wlan: Loading MWLAN driver
[ 7357.413978] rx_work=1 cpu_num=4
[ 7357.421952] Request firmware: mrvl/pcie8997_wlan_v4.bin
[ 7367.968345] FW failed to be active in time!
[ 7367.972553] WLAN: Fail download FW with nowwait: 0
[ 7367.977440] woal_request_fw failed
[ 7367.980865] Firmware Init Failed
[ 7367.986271] woal_pcie_probe: failed
[ 7367.989806] wlan_pcie: probe of 0000:01:00.0 failed with error -14
[ 7367.996090] wlan: Driver loaded successfully


would you help me to solve this problem 


   Thank you