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PF8121 Efficiency Calculation

Question asked by Tom Perman on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by G.w. Sun



I am looking to reduce power consumption on an existing design which uses the PF8121. One area considered is the efficiency of the PF8121 PMIC, as affected by the choice of inductor. It was proposed that we could increase the physical size, therefore reducing DC resistance, of the inductor used with the PMIC. We currently use Inductor Murata DFE252012F-1R0M=P2, which does meet the design guidelines, however it has been suggested we can do even better with a different inductor.  


Looking on the NXP website i could not obviously see any simulation models or simulation tools, which would allow the affect of changing the inductors on PMIC efficiency to be evaluated. Are there any such tools/resources available?