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how to shutdown CPU from userspace

Question asked by ran gree on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by Victor Linnik

i would like to lower the power consumption and shutdown or put to sleep a number of CPUs on the imx8m mini. From the manual there is the General Power Control (GPC) and it show a number of examples. In the example it uses    "reg32_write(GPC_IPS_BASE_ADDR + 0x40, 0xFFFFFFFF);" command to manipulate core1. The compiler does not know the GPC_IPS_BASE_ADDR and when i grep the code i find this code in the uboot-utils

"struct pgc_reg *pgc_core1 = (struct pgc_reg *)(GPC_BASE_ADDR + 0x840)"

the only reference to GPC_IPS_BASE_ADDR is in uboot-utils imx7.

my question is what is the correct way to shutdown or put to sleep cpus from the user-space.