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Pin stimulation and registr viewing in full chip simulation - ColdFire v1

Question asked by Vlastimil Kriz on Mar 25, 2009
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I would like to port my code from HCS08JM60 to MCF51JM128.

But the problem is, is cannot find, where in full chip simulation (FCS) for ColdFire can I view the registers of peripherals and stimulate the input pins (include analog value for ADC)... :smileysad:


(I browsed the Help and there I find, there will be some posibility how to stimulate the pins through  Stimulation File. There is instruction, how to write it, but I cannot find, how to run it. And how to view and modify registers in ColdFire I didnt find completly.)


I am using CodeWarrior v 6.2 for Microcontroller.


 If you can help me, I will be very pleasure.

 Thank you very much.



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