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SignedU boot fails to load on the board with closed configuration. Cannot use the easy installer application on closed device

Question asked by Adeneo Engineering Team on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by Yuri Muhin
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I have built a signed U-boot image following the steps from the NXP document AN4581. I was successful in the open configuration mode. As the signed image booted correctly without any HAB errors in open configuration mode.

Then I closed the device by blowing the final fuse SEC_CONFIG, and after this, I tried to flash an unsigned image  to test the functionality, whether the image was forbidden to boot or not. The device fails to boot, which is a good sign.

But now the module is bricked. I am using i.mx7 MODULE FROM TORADEX and i use to flash my binaries via their  Toradex easy installer application. This Easy installer application fails to work in my device which is in the closed configuration.

So how can I recover my module back, so that I can flash my signed image on to the board and test the positive case?

My board details :

Toradex Colibri i.MX7 D module 512Mb.


I need a way to recover my module back to the state so that I can flash my signed image and test the functionality.

Also, let me know how to test the unsigned image as well.