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MPC8536 Evaluation board Flash Programmer

Question asked by Ashish Agarwal on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Ronald Collins

I am newbie for the embedded Linux development.


MPC8536 Board customization task needs program the FlashROM the very first stag, i.e. Fully erased FlashROM.:smileyindifferent:

So i downloaded the Code warrior 8.8 tool. The CW8.8 does not have support for the MPC853. There were no files for the configuration of MPC8536. so i tried to write a configuration file for the MPC8536.

Hardware diagnostic tool is working fine, but Flash Programmer tool is not working till now.


Then i decided to go for the custom Flash program write this to DDR first then point the SP to that location if i succeed => Flash can be programmed. 

How can we write the Custom binary file to the DDR via JTAG, and how the SP [stack pointer] access in the code warrior environment.

Note: MPC8536 configuration files and support is not available now @ Freescale support


Any help is highly appreciated.