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Missing built-in paths and symbols in 'paths and symbols'

Question asked by Jan Vogel on Jan 14, 2020
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i recently switched from MCUxpresso 10.3 to 11.1 with one of my projects. What i noticed was that afterwards the two built-in paths were missing in the Includes in 'paths and symbols' section, as well as all the built-in (the non-bold) symbols in the Symbols-tab.


In Version 10.3:

Include paths in 10.3


In Version 11.1:


The checkbox 'Show built-in values' has no effect.


When i create a brand new project in 11.1, these paths and symbols are absent as well. What is strange is that i have no warnings or build errors. The paths even show up in the project explorer:


But not in the 'paths and symbols. '


I tried the 'fixup parsers'

as suggested in other similar threads, but it did not resolve the issue.


Is this just a bug in displaying the paths and symbols?