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How to debug in MPC5604P use CodeWarrior 10.5

Question asked by DAI KUN-CHENG on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Petr Stancik



I am new in CodeWarrior.


I got problems in CodeWarrior.


I buy a TRK-MPC5604P

The box have some software CodeWarrior 10.5, FreeMASTER, RAppID_Init_560xP, RAppIDBootloader, rsp2cw10.

I follow the document "FSK_TRK_MPC5604P_Training.pdf", install and creating LED example.


In the document, it use RAppID Bootloader utility to flash S-record file Training_LED_Example.mot using serial port.

And monitor variables using FreeMASTER is OK.


But i want to debug step by step or use breakpoint in CodeWarrior.


How can i flash and debug use CodeWarrior instead of use RAppID Bootloader?

When i press Debug in CodeWarrior, it show , i press OK, and next

, it is show P&E Connection Assistant and  and .

It seems not work.


MPC5604P connect to my NB by OSBDM/OSJTAG in mini USB.


Can anyone give me a favor?


Provide my CodeWarrior version

Am i need other tools or software?


Attachment is the document i followed.