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Second FTM Dual Edge Capture --> Error

Question asked by Felix Böckmann on Jan 13, 2020
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i want to read two PWM Signals with known frequency. So I use 2 "FTM Dual Edge Capture" Blocks, with following parameters:


Capture mode:       continuous

Measurement:       positive Pulse (rising-falling)

prescale factor:      32


first Block:

Module:            0

Channel pair:    2-3

FTM input pin: PTC2


second block:

Module:            1

Channel pair:    2-3

FTM input pin:   PTA15


When I want to compile it, I get an error: 


When I comment one out, it works, for both. But when I want to use both together I get that Error.


Can help anyone to find the problem?


Thank you.