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How can we read connection ID of external NFC euipment by PN7150 ?

Question asked by Kozo Nakata on Jan 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by Kozo Nakata
We're using MCU + PN7150 (conncted via I2C) to communicate with external NFC equioment.
We used data packet to send specific command to the NFC equipment, but we failed.
1) We succeeded to recognize the NFC euipment using RF_DISCOVERY_CMD.
2) We sent CORE_CONN_CREATE_CMD to read connection ID (neccesary to send data packet), but response staus=1 (REJECT) was returned.
   So we could not read out connection ID.
Can we hav eany documentation or sample code to read out connection ID ?
Your kind and prompt advice is apprteciated.