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Drivers for 88W8964

Discussion created by Tiago Gaspar on Jan 10, 2020
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Hey everyone!


I'm one of may OpenWRT contributors and I'm also a owner of a Linksys WRT3200ACM witch has a NXP 88W8964 wifi chip.

Before being NXP bought all the wireless solutions from Marvell, they were developing a driver called mwlwifi (1). This driver was very buggy and the development was very slow, but since the acquisition, the driver never had more fixes.

I have seen that NXP now has a repository over on github (2) that has the "latest" (last edited by marvell) firmwares but is missing firmwares for the following devices:

  • 88W8964
  • 88W9064
  • 88W9098
  • 88W9097
  • 88W9068
  • 88W8987
  • 88W8962


So I'd like to ask NXP what's your plan for this devices? Will you provide us with the drivers?

Here at OpenWRT we'd appreciate if you could provide us with the drivers for us to support correctly devices based on your chips.





(1) GitHub - kaloz/mwlwifi: mac80211 driver for the Marvell 88W8864 802.11ac chip 

(2) GitHub - NXP/mwifiex-firmware