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Need support to rehost Code Warrior & MRK3 compiler license

Question asked by Kothandam SHANMUGAM on Jan 10, 2020

Hello NXP Support,,


I would like to rehost below licenses to new server. Since your support portal is under maintenance, can you please support here.


My license details as follows

Code Warrior

License : DLP-PRO-FL / CodeWarrior Development Suite

Entitlement Id/Reg. No. 1:


Order id : 615613.


MRK3 Compiler

License : IPP NXP MRK31 Year TSL License A516-0.. Chess DE mrk3-e-12R1 licenseIPP NXP MRK31 Year TSL License

Purchase Order : MP_IN_2019_055

Site : 44516


You can reach me at for further details like license server host ID and all.