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Problems sending FlexCAN frames with imx1062

Question asked by giacomo mazzola on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Kerry Zhou


I'm developing a project for a imxrt1062 using the IDE IAR embedded workbanch. I run EmbOS, and I use the fsl drivers provided by NXP. I have some problems writing my own driver for the CANbus. I'll attach both the fsl FlexCAN driver and mine.


What I'm trying to do is initialize a CAN object, create a frame, send it in a loop through the CANbus and receive it on my laptop using the program MiniMon V3. 

For some reason MiniMon receives all the messages but it gives me a form error for each frame. I cannot understand why I'm getting this error. 

Any suggestion is well accepted!

thank you for your help,



P.S. I'm a beginner, so if you see that I'm doing something strange please let me know, thanks.