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i,MX6 DL boot from eMMC 4.51 and 5.1 difference

Question asked by jesse qin on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by igorpadykov


we have a system board which includes;

i.MX6 DL

DDR3  2PCS 4Gb

4 GB eMMC 4.51(MTFC4GLWDM-4M AAT Z) connectd to USDHC3 configured for 8 bit DDR or SDR

We can flash the eMMC with u-boot using MFG tool

We can run u-boot from MFG tool

We are trying to run u-boot form User partition.

The system can work well and NO find boot issue.

But recently we changed emmc (MTFC4GACAJCN-4M IT), MMC 5.1.

Now There are some boards can't boot from emmc, if change to old chip(MTFC4GLWDM-4M AAT Z), the system work well again.  Some boards can't boot from emmc sometimes, but no body know when can't boot again. But write  emmc  always is ok.



So, we have some questions:

1. can the i.MX6  boot from eMMC 5.0 and above? 

2. If we must boot from eMMC 5.0, how did we do it? what is the eMMC configuration? are there any other needed tasks to be done?

3. if booting is not possible, any suggestion? should we add a NOR flash for u-boot? should we go down to eMMC4.4? will eMMC 4.4 going to be discontinued soon? 


Thanks for any help you can provide.