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IMX8M [Coral Dev] Running OpenGL ES application with EGL under Wayland

Question asked by Peter Van Der Perk Employee on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL

On my Google Coral Dev board running Mendel Day (Debian Buster based).

I've some trouble running OpenGL ES applications with an EGL window under wayland.

I've tested different OpenGL applications such as Rviz, Intel Realsense viewer and they all fail in creating an EGL window.


To reproduce this easily I've used the GLFW (GLFW - An OpenGL library ) glfwinfo utlity to check whether EGL is working. Using glfwinfo that I'm getting the following error :


Running /tmp/glfw/tests/glfwinfo -a es
GLFW header version: 3.3.0
GLFW library version: 3.3.0
GLFW library version string: "3.3.0 Wayland EGL OSMesa clock_gettime evdev shared"
_ConnectWindow: invalid window=0xaaab1aa28210
Error: EGL: Failed to create window surface: A NativeWindowType argument does not refer to a valid native window


Is this a weston or vivante driver problem?

The Vivante driver used in Mendel day is version V6.2.4.p2.163672


In the attachment the script to reproduce the problem