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KW41Z Pairing Bonding Process

Question asked by Florian Lebrun on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río

Hi all,


My prototype uses Rigado R41Z.


I'm able to connect, list all my services, sleep, wake up, connect etc without issue.


I started from HRS into, i integrate Otap functionnality ( may be it has an impact on my issue ? adresse conflict when save information on paring  or something like that ?)


Now i'm enabling the pairing /bonding #include.


I was able only one time with iot toolbox to bounded and have hrs value updating in the app.

Then i tried with nRf , it was boded and connected, but impossible to get all my services etc. Then i came back to iOt Toolbox, the same, unable to have again the hrs working.


I force to unpair via android my R41Z eval board.


Now impossible to get the paring process properly, when i click to connect both even in android, no pop up comes to enter the 6 digit passkey. It just doesn ' t connect and nothing happens.


Also i see in the video that you have to disable Power down mode. I'm using low power and wake up perdiodically to check if i somebody wants to connect. Can you confirm we can use pairing process even with sleeping mode please ?


Is there dedicated step i forgot or a memory i corrupt ? Is the external memory used to save the pairing device please ?


Thanks a lot bcause i'm a bit lost