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UART issues on the M52233 DEMO board

Discussion created by Christopher Theriault on Mar 24, 2009
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I'm using the M52233 DEMO board with Code Warrior version 7.1.  I haven't been able to get any output from the UART channel 1.  If I use code like this:


uart_init(1, SYSTEM_CLOCK_KHZ, kBaud9600);

uart_putchar(1, 'U');


I expect an output that I don't actually get.  If I use these same function calls with channel 0, I see the character come out on an oscilloscope.  Reading around other posts, I see people recommending making sure the GPIO setting for those pins are correct, but going by the schematic for the board the UART TX/RX pins don't seem to be multiplexed with any other IO pins (and I can't find a pin diagram in the 5223x manual).  I'm also not clear if I can leave the RTS/CTS pins floating for channel 1.  They aren't connected on channel 0 when I get it to work there, but the channel 0 pins are also jumpered to the DB9 connection.  I'm not sure what I should look at next.