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Codewarrior V4.7 can no longer load cpu beans

Question asked by Anders Johansson on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Anders Johansson

Suddenly after a long period of perfect operation

Codewarrior fails to read the cpu bean from the project file(s).

This happened today, the first day after the holidays.

I get the same problem on ”other” computers as well.


I have tried various older generations taken from backups.

Therefore I do not believe I have corrupted files.

Could there be a date related issue with licensing, CW, Windows or something else?



What may cause this error message:

”Error during loading beans ”bean-name” from project file.


Attempting to open the non initialized bean, I get:

”Internal error: CPU database initialization failed (previous initilization attempt failed)”


What may trigger these error messages?