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Difference between (TOTALS) and .elf. Memory Usage Output

Question asked by cody hubman on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by cody hubman

Originally I thought that my .elf output for my memory represented the memory usage of my program. However, I found an option for TOTALS in my options menu... Not sure how I found it at this point but it's in there. Now when it debugs it skyrockets the amount for TOTALS as you can see below. I do know that my project is mostly under sample2.elf largely because the bss ram space consumed matched what I developed.


However this TOTALS has nearly 50kb of unaccounted for Flash (That I'm aware of being used). Anyone know what the issue is with this? I feel good about the 60kb of flash being used in sample2.elf but the 104kb makes the voice inside my head squeal a little.