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How to use usb lan wake up on imx6 Andorid6.0

Question asked by Yen Chou on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by Yen Chou

Hi All,

My Environment:

Device: imx6 custom board

Kernel: L4.1.15

OS: Android 6.0


I want to use usb lan to wake up imx6 in the S3(suspend) and S5(shutdown) state.

I change the setting as below:

1.Follow the i.MX_Linux_Reference_Manual 39.2.4 USB Wakeup Usage to set usb wakeup enabled.

2.Use ethtool to set Wake-on:g

3.Check the dtsi has "fsl,magic-packet".

4.Check the lan chip power enable, when the system change  S3 or S5.

But it also could not  wake up.


What else can I do?

Dose imx6 have to set other settings?