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How to disable imx serial drivers

Question asked by Jose Argao on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Victor Linnik

I am currently working on a custom imx6 board and tweaking the imx tty driver for my needs. My current workflow involves applying a patch to drivers/tty/serial/imx.c during the image build process. It's a bit cumbersome to have to create and flash a new image every time I make a small change to the driver, though.


What I would like to be able to do is just create new builds of the driver and load/unload it into the system as needed. I know I can add kernel headers to the image by adding kernel-dev to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in local.conf, but I wouldn't be able to load it as the UART is being held by the default imx driver. How could I disable this driver from being loaded, so I can build and load my own?