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LPUART Example on two connected  MIMXRT1020 EVK boards

Question asked by Ellen Stacey on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by Victor Jimenez

I'm running the lpuart interrupt driver example on two MIMXRT1020 EVK boards with common grounds and RX,TX from one board tied to TX,RX of the other.  I'm trying to understand what is happening.  I'm running debug sessions and putty terminals via the debug ports to both boards.  One of the boards will take inputs via the terminal and both boards echo it back to both terminals, but the second board isn't echoing anything anywhere.  It seems like the pins on the boards aren't even being driven, though I haven't hooked up a logic analyzer to know.  How is the second board's terminal getting the data from the first board?  I can sometimes get the second board's terminal to take data and cause triggering of breakpoints, but it isn't consistent across debug sessions and it isn't being echoed anywhere so I wonder what is going on.

Can I even operate two boards  from the same PC with reliability?

I would appreciate any assistance in understanding how it is working.