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BDB: r21 Trust Center and BDB: TCLK SendReqKey attempts over

Question asked by xu bovey on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río


when i use JN-SW-4170, JN-AN-1216 V1011 and JN-AN-1217 V1005, I got some error.

I do something as following:

1. power coor, send command "set extended panid", "set channel mask", "start network", "permit join"

2. power SED, press a button to call function "BDB_eNsStartNwkSteering"

3. i can get the log: SED get network address


however, there was somgthing err:

1. after SED joined the network, get log "BDB: BDB_vNsTimerCb 1" and "vNsStartTclk", then start polling

2. stop fast poll after 5sec, then get log "BDB: BDB_vNsTimerCb 2" and start polling again, i got log "BDB: r21 Trust Center"

3. stop fast poll after 5sec, then get log "BDB: BDB_vNsTimerCb 3"  three times in 15sec, and finally i get log "BDB: TCLK SendReqKey attempts over" , and the device leave the network and reset.


what should i do know?