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Processor expert application is not working in AN12323SW firmware update

Question asked by Eric G on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Diana Batrlova
I am using AN12323SW as a baseline for a project that I am working on. Using the software provided with the application note, I am able to transfer the provided firmware successfully. Also, I was able to get my own simple LED application update working by making changes to the startup_s32k144.s, which initializes the hardware manually.
I removed the Reset_Handler() located in the startup.s and replaced it with main() so that when the bootloader jumps directly to main(). However, for some reason, whenever I use the processor expert, the application seems to fail during hardware setup.
Therefore, I am unable to get the processor expert/FreeRTOS based LED blinking app/firmware running on the target ECU. As mentioned in the application note, I am using the IAR compiler for compiling Position Independent Code. It seems that any application that uses the processor expert code to initialize the hardware, does not work properly when bootloader jumps to the application and goes into a WDOG_EWM_IRQHandler() as shown below.
Am I missing anything or what is the issue here?