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The MPC5744P goes to IVOR1 vector when the function called in the MPC5744P sample program.

Question asked by Yoshitaka Abe on Jan 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by Yoshitaka Abe

Now, I am studying the MPC5744P programing with DEVKIT-MPC5744P.
And I have a problem that MPC5744P goes to the IVOR1 vector when the other function call this function in the sample program.
I don't understand why it is occuured ?
Does someone teach me how to solve this problem ?


<< The below is conditions when the problem is occured >>
1. Board: DEVKIT-MPC5744P ( Rev.E )
2. Sample program : LINFlexD_UART_MPC5744P

                                Note: This sample program is for Flash.

                                          And I was changed from LINFlexD_1(Rev.B) to LINFlexD_0( for Rev.E).
3. Build configuration : Debug_RAM
4. Design Environment : S32 Design Studio for Power Archtecture


Before going to the IVOR1 vector


After going to the IVOR1 vector