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MCUXpresso 11.1 SDK java null pointer exception

Question asked by Anuj Tanksali on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by Victor Jimenez



I am using MCUXpresso 10.3 with SDK version 2.4 for development on iMXRT-1064 EVK board

I was able to add driver and other components through SDK Management menu. 


Recently i updated to MCUXpresso 11.1 with SDK version 2.61 as i don't think 2.4 version is compatible with MCUXpresso 10.3 version.


Using MCUXpresso 11.1 and SDK version 2.6.1 my project compiles ok but when i try to add any driver component through SDK Management menu then i get a Java Null pointer exception error. Please see the attached images and details of error in text file.


Can you please help me out to resolve the issue.