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i.MXRT1050 firmware upgrade in Maintanance mode. Firmware file?

Question asked by Derick Beng Yuh on Jan 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Kerry Zhou



i have broken my jtag port of my I.MXRT1050 Evaluation Kit (i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit | NXP ), while trying to use it as a gpio port in order to test a signal. I ran the code once and could debug. But after that, i could neither flash nor debug anymore. I immediately knew i had broken the port configuration for the JTAG and the firmware might be having issues with that. 


So i googled and found that the board can be put into a maintenance mode in order to upgrade the firmware, which i thought hopefully it would reconfigure my JTAG ports. 


I did put it into the Maintenance mode and found a file (DETAIL.txt) in the Drive whose content has the DAPLink Firmware pointing to this link 


I used the link and found another link ( ) directing me to update the firmware. There i found a button to download the microbit firmware which i did and then after dropped it in the "MAINTANANCE" drive, hoping it would upgrade. But then it failed. 


So i later found out, I might have downloaded the wrong file. So i search to see if I could find the firmware file for I.MXRT1050 and could not find it anywhere. 


Can anyone please help me here?


Or does that mean the board can not be revived?