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RTM SDK QSPI watermark functions/QSPI example.

Discussion created by Magnus Johansson on Jan 3, 2020
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S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 with Update 11.


Example project qspi_external_flash_s32k148 from "S32K1xx RTM SDK v3.0.0" (can't find a 3.0.2 example but "S32 Design Studio S32K1xx SDK RTM 3.0.2 Patch for SDK RTM 3.0.0" is installed). In file quadspi_hw_access.h.

static inline void QSPI_DRV_SetRxWatermark(QuadSPI_Type *baseAddr,
                                           uint8_t watermark)
    uint32_t regValue = (uint32_t)baseAddr->RBCT;
    regValue &= (uint32_t)(~(QuadSPI_RBCT_WMRK_MASK));
    regValue |= QuadSPI_RBCT_WMRK(watermark - 1U);
    baseAddr->RBCT = (uint32_t)regValue;
static inline void QSPI_DRV_SetTxWatermark(QuadSPI_Type *baseAddr,
                                           uint8_t watermark)
    uint32_t regValue = (uint32_t)baseAddr->TBCT;
    regValue &= (uint32_t)(~(QuadSPI_TBCT_WMRK_MASK));
    regValue |= QuadSPI_TBCT_WMRK(watermark);
    baseAddr->TBCT = (uint32_t)regValue;

Shouldn't both be "watermark - 1U"?

QSPI_DRV_Init() calls    

QSPI_DRV_SetTxWatermark(baseAddr, 2U);
QSPI_DRV_SetRxWatermark(baseAddr, 1U);

Is the TX watermark supposed to be 8 or 12 bytes?