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GUI overlay on video in IMX8m mini

Question asked by ran gree on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by ran gree

I would like to overlay GUI on top the video stream. When i use the gstream gdkpixbufoverlay with a simple image the cpu usage is high (100% on one of the four CPUs). In the future i would like to overlay my QT qml.

From the specs and community is see that imx8m-mini does not have an IPU, does not support frame buffers and does not support the gstqtoverlay package while the imx6 does. i was told not to use the imx6 as its old and its support might be a problem in the future, so i need to find a solution with the imx8m. 

is there a method for overlaying GUI on top the video stream that does heavily use the CPU or do i need to use another board (i need a low power board so the imx8 is not an option) even if its the old imx6 ?