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UART RX issue on S32K148

Question asked by Ryan Cusack on Dec 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by Razvan-nicolae Tilimpea

I am using the lpuart_echo_s32k148/ uart example as my base project. I am using the main while loop like the following,



    LPUART_DRV_ReceiveData(INST_LPUART1, buffer, 1UL);
    while(LPUART_DRV_GetReceiveStatus(INST_LPUART1, &bytesRemaining) != STATUS_SUCCESS);

   /* Send data */
    LPUART_DRV_SendData(INST_LPUART1, buffer, 1UL);
   while(LPUART_DRV_GetTransmitStatus(INST_LPUART1, &bytesRemaining) != STATUS_SUCCESS);



Now, according to the Quick Reference Guide, LPUART1_TX is on PTC7 and LPUART_RX is on PTC6. 

I am able to transmit characters from the PTC7 pin and I can verify the characters are transmitted via connecting it to an FTDI module with a wire. 

The problem is I am not able to receive data from the PTC6 pin. Using an FTDI module to transmit characters to that pin does not do anything. 

I have also noticed that the RX pin has a voltage level of 5 --- wondering if this has anything to do with it?

I am also able to send and receive characters from the serial terminal via USB. But I need to be able to sned and receive via the rx and tx pins.

Any tips? Thanks!